Monday, September 19, 2016

Sale is ending...and a wonderful cluster from Jenni!

Freaky thunderstorms this afternoon....and since the water has no place to go, the yard is underwater again.....there wasn't any rain in today's forecast....not until Wednesday it said....then pretty much out of no where a system gathered up - headed northeast.  Right after my weather alarm went off...I checked the radar....the wind direction had changed..coming right for us, and moving fast...and all the little storms that were in a line connected into one huge front.  It looks like it's done for now....but with all the thunder and lightening, it made for quite the afternoon show!  Hope your Monday was a bit better than mine :)   I have a wonderful cluster from Jenni to share tonight - made with What's Cookin'? - on sale until midnight tonight only!'s amost $2 Tuesday time at The Digichick!

 Just click on the image to download!  One more coming your way tomorrow! - Kim


  1. Another wonderful one! Thank you so very much. I hope you sold a bunch of this collection-it is a good one.

  2. Hello and Thank you for this lovely download. I hope your weather is better tomorrow...

  3. Love your fabulous addons that are so diverse and professional in design. Thank you for continuing to give so freely. Hugs & Kisses. :)


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