Friday, August 5, 2016

The Digichick's Birthday continues...and an awesome Creativity cluster tonight

Hey there everyone!  Posting a bit early - and I'll be scheduling tomorrow's post as I will be in LaCrosse at a KISS concert.  While I am far from being their #1 fan....I swear Eric has that honor....we decided that since Gene and Paul (Simmons and Stanley)  aren't getting any younger, and it might be our last time to see them in person.   The last concerts I have attended have been James Taylor, Chicago, Doobie Brothers, lol - while Eric's list runs more towards Def Leppard, The Rolling Stones, and of course KISS.   But the last time he saw them they were without makeup and with a different guitarist and drum player.  So....we have our tickets for Saturday night at 8pm, and a lovely room to spend the night in after.  I'll be back home on Sunday - but I'm always managing to screw up my blog posts when I schedule (KNOCK ON WOOD) I'm hoping that for once all goes well :)

The Digichick's 11th Birthday Celebration continues until Monday at midnight!  40% off storewide and the $2 Chick Blitz is ongoing.  I have 38 products in the Chick Blitz - but there are well over 200 in total to choose from.  Can't beat bargains like that!     We have loads of challenges and games happening in the forum - with awesome prizes - so if you have some time, stop by and join in!  You won't regret it!     

Tonight's freebie is from  (drum roll here)  . . . . . .   ANITA!   She is back home, and doing well...and it is so good to know she is doing well again!  I know a few of you have told me you miss her wonderful layouts and here you go!  She made this one using my new collection, Creativity.

Just click on the images to download!   Have a wonderful weekend...and stop back tomorrow, if for no other reason to see if the blog did what I tell it to do, lolol!   - Kim


  1. Anita dear, absolutely striking composition of floral. I have so missed seeing your beautiful creations. WELCOME BACK!!! Wishing you all good thoughts, as you recover. Thank you, and Kim, as always, thank YOU for this beautiful share.

  2. Thank you Anita for this creation. I love the creativity of Kim and all you ladies! Thanks

  3. Thank you! - Kat

  4. This is so pretty! Thank you!!

  5. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

  6. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!


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