Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Creativity cluster from Chrissy tonight!

Looks like my scheduled posts worked like they were supposed to ....and trust me I AM amazed!   Glad they did, tho!    Hope you have had a great weekend - we did, altho neither of us slept well at the used to our own bed, I guess, and the air con was blowing right on us all night.  However, the concert was absolutely wonderful!  While I've never been a huge KISS fan as Eric is...I have always liked some of their music - - but I gotta tell you, they put on one heck of a show...the pyrotechnics are awesome...and with Gene Simmons flying around, Paul being hauled across the sky to a stage above the was fun.  and musical.  and yep, I would do it again!  We left LaCrosse around 11am this morning, got home around 1 pm.  Eric went to take a nap about 2pm...and he's still down for the count,, I'm just slowly catching up with things here - massive "not enough sleep" headache - but my ears are NOT ringing from the LOUDness of the concert...that's something anyway!   So - - the 11th Birthday Sale at The Digichick continues until Monday at does the $2 Chick Blitz!    The challenges/games end then, too - still time to join in and get in the running for some Amazon Gift Cards!   Meanwhile, I have another freebie to share with you - an adorable frame cluster from Chrissy made with my new release, Creavity.

Just click on the image to download!   I have two more clusters to share!  - Kim


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