Saturday, July 23, 2016

It's soggy here again - but a beautiful Seaside cluster to share tonight!

Posting now, because the power has been off and on all day - more storms....and tons of rain here in Wisconsin!    I just saw this image on my FB feed - this is on the highway that Eric and I take into Prairie du Chien....and there is major roadwork right where all this water is.  To the right in the picture, is where the new highway is going...and can't even see it.  There is a creek there that floods like mad when it storms like this...and today it looks as if it got as high as the main road...I can't remember that ever happening!  Our backyard was completely underwater all afternoon....its just now starting to subside a's going to be days before any of this ever dries out!  This is from this afternoon in PdC:

Nice, huh?  Glad we didn't have to go anywhere!    So...back to business here - tonight I have a wonderful cluster that Chrissy put together using my new release Seaside to share with you!

Just click on the images to download!    Have a great night...and stay DRY!  Hopefully, the power issues are done see you tomorrow!  - Kim


  1. Chrissy, this is fantastic! Thanks so much and Kim thank you for the share.

  2. thanks for the freebie, hope you're drying out and the rain is subsiding! Stay safe!

  3. thanks for sharing!

  4. Fantastic! Love every single cluster you so generously share. Wonderful, fabulous kits. Thank you so very much.
    Wishing you lots of sunshine. Hugs.

  5. Thanks For Sharing These FAB.Works Of Art,LOve your Freebies!:)xXx

  6. We have had way too much rain this summer too. Thanks for the cluster!


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