Sunday, July 3, 2016

An I Wish You . . . cluster to share tonight

Went for another drive this afternoon - no driving in circles today!  We went across the Wisconsin River this time...over in Grant County.   This area of Wisconsin is known as the "Driftless Area" - it escaped the last glacier movements that passed on through..and is known for its deeply carved river beds, creating glorious ridges and bluffs.  To say its scenic over this way is putting it mildly :)  We made a date to go on a picnic up at Wyalusing State Park this next week sometime...AFTER the campers have left (from the 4th of July).  It's always peaceful there...and the views are spectacular.   The Wisconsin River meets the Mississippi River at the southern most end of the can see it clearly from ...oh...about 600 feet up!   And yes, I'm scared to death of I hang on tight while looking around :)  Hope your weekend has been awesome!  Tonight I have a beautiful cluster to share with you from Chrissy - made with I Wish You . .

Just click on the image to download!     See you tomorrow! - Kim


  1. Chrissy, this is lovely with the woven ribbon through the floral arrangement. Yes, lovely indeed! Thank you and Kim, thank you dear for the share.


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