Tuesday, July 5, 2016

An I Wish You . . . cluster from Kaye tonight!

Saw some awesome fireworks last nigh!  Small towns sure know how to do them up just right - we viewed them from the top of the ridge behind us here...just close enough to see everything clearly..far enough away so the huge BOOMERS did break our eardrums!  Tonights cluster is from Kaye - made with my latest release  I Wish You . . .

Just click on the image to download!     Yep, there is more...I'll post them earlier tomorrow evening for you - - have a great night!  - Kim


  1. Kaye, this is wonderful! I love the pastel arrows. Thank you, and Kim, thanks so much for another lovely share.

  2. thank you to Kaye and Kim! This is great side cluster!


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