Friday, June 17, 2016

An Unforgettable cluster from Kaye tonight!'s Friday!  Back home in Orfordville, it's the annual June Day's Celebration - I was part of that for years, as I ran the Legion clubhouse, and the Legion sponsored June Days.  Lots of work....TONS of fun!  and for a little town, they had awesome fireworks!  Now I'm over here, and its Rendezvous favorite place in PdC, St. Feriole Island, which hundreds of years ago was the fur trading place to be, lol - is set up like it was back then....there are teepee's and muskets...and hatchet throwing contests?  Um...yeah.   Eric and I go to the other end, where the homemade goodies are for sale, and a HUGE flea market.  That's where I'll be this weekend!  I hope you have a great one...and Happy Father's  Day to any Daddio's reading this!

Tonight I have a beautiful cluster that Kaye put together using my new relase, Unforgettable , to share with you!

Just click on the image to download!  Have a wonderful night! See you tomorrow.  - Kim


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