Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Snips & Snails frame cluster tonight!

95 yesterday....woke up to 54, lol :)  Rained all morning, but this afternoon was absolutely gorgeous!   Clouds rolling in now again....but I did manage to get outside and at least pick up some of the yard  - in the parts that weren't still under water that is :)  I think my tomato's grew a foot in the past 3 days!  I need to go pinch of the sucker branches - hoping the rain stalls a bit, altho we are due for more.    Ah well.   Feel like I got lots done today somehow - supper is about ready to come out of the oven (nice to have the oven on without worrying about heating it up in here too much, too!).   I hope your weekend was great - and that this next week is even better :)

Tonight I have another awesome piece from Jenni - a VERY cool frame cluster, made with Snips & Snails - on sale until tomorrow at midnight at The Digichick!

              Just click on the image to download!  I have a couple more coming :) - Kim


  1. Thank you! I have three adult boys (and one girl) whose photos will fit perfectly with this quote ;-)

  2. Thanks for the cluster. I love the quote and use it often. :-)


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