Monday, May 23, 2016

An Adventure Awaits frame cluster and word art piece tonight :)

Hot again today - we are expecting rain , thunderstorms they say...late tonight, tho.   The rain is welcome!  We didn't get much snow this past winter..and its dry.   Weird to have patches of brown grass in May?    So we finished up some things this afternoon.....Eric mowed....and we are all caught up outside  - just waiting for the moisture to come our way.

Tonight there are two freebies for you - both from Chrissy.  A lovely frame cluster and a word art piece she made for a layout she did with Adventure Awaits.   If you have Hawaii to scrap...this will work great!  Adventure Awaits will be on sale until midnight tonight :)

The image above is linked to the direct download. Yep, there's more! - Kim


  1. Chrissy these are beautiful. Thanks so much Aloha!!
    Thanks so much for the share Kim.

  2. Thanks so much. I've been to Hawaii recently and can really use these right away. Great frame cluster Chrissy!

  3. I will use this definitely, thank you!


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