Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Adventure Awaits final cluster tonight!

Somehow all the rain in the area is going around us, lol - - still humid as all get out, but no rain.  If it ever does rain - I think Eric and I will run around outside like Burt Lancaster and Katharine Hepburn did in "The Rainmaker" (we love that old flick!).   Just some cleaning today..nothing special except for the homemade pizza we are having tonight (since the air conditioning is on, I don't mind turning on the oven).  I'm posting early because its almost time for New Releases at the Digichick..and I didn't want to forget this piece!   This awesome frame cluster is from Jenni, made with my latest release, Adventure Awaits :)

The image above is linked to the direct download. See you tomorrow! - Kim


  1. I hate that this is the last one. Have been loving this series and kit. Thanks so much!


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