Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Thanks for the Memories cluster from Chrissy tonight!

It was lots cooler today - just beautiful outside!  When its nice in Wisconsin - well.  To me, of course, there is nothing like it!   I got lots done....but there is always more somehow.  Best of all, the limestone pathway is complete.  Or...I thought it was, until Eric saw it...and he likes it so much that he wants me to continue it another 6 feet around the corner.  Which means a roadtrip to find more rock - there is limestone all along the roadways....its finding the flatter slabs that take so long!  We'll find some, I'm sure.   Hope your Saturday was a good one!    I have a wonderful cluster from Chrissy to share tonight - made with Thanks for the Memories, of course!   My store will be on sale thru Monday night at midnight....that includes the $2 Chick Blitz, too!  

The image above is linked to its direct download. See you tomorrow!  - Kim


  1. Chrissy, this is beautiful. Thanks for the share Kim.

  2. Thank you this is so pretty I love the colors. You are one of my favorite designers


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