Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Old movies and a beautiful cluster to share tonight!

Last night Eric and I watched The Seven Year Itch  and  Monkey Business with Cary Grant and Ginger Rodgers.  Netflix has a wonderful lineup of old movies this month!   I hadn't seen either of these before..and they were just awesome.  LOVED the whackiness of Monkey Business - and the little kid in the Indian scene towards the end  - man.  We both just about fell off the couch, we were laughing so hard!  I looked him up...and here it was the same kid that played Foghorn on The Little Rascals!   I should have known.   He was so stoic....and deadpan in his line delivery for such a little feller.....we just loved it :)

Tonight's freebie is from Jenni, made with Strong Hearts, Courageous Minds.

The image above is linked to its direct download.   New Release is coming soon!- Kim

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  1. Jenni, I LOVE IT! So unique - thank you. Kim thank you for the share.


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