Friday, April 8, 2016

A Generations cluster to share!

Window washing.....which means talking down the curtains/drapes..and washing them...pressing them so there aren't any wrinkles, and in the case of the living room curtains...hemming.  They were too long to begin with.   Took all darned day, and now that the sun is going down and I finally got the curtains back up, I can't even tell that I did anything, lol :)  Hoping for sunshine tomorrow so I can see what streaks I left on the windows!         Tonight I have a wonderful cluster that Anita made with Generations to share with you!

The image above is linked to its direct download.  I love the simplicity of this one...and yet it still looks full and perfect :)  See you tomorrow!  - Kim


  1. Anita, this is absolutely beautiful. So delicate and yet just enough elements to create something of beauty. You are amazing dear.
    Thank you so much, and Kim, thank YOU for the share.

    1. You're welcome, and thank you as always for your uplifting comments :)

  2. So lovely, Thank you! Kat

  3. So delicately lovely. Thank you :)


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