Sunday, January 17, 2016

Brrrrrrrrrrr !!! It's cold out there - and a fantastic A Great Adventure cluster to share tonight!

The "high temperature" today was supposed to be 4 above zero.  We didn't make it, lol - the highest we got today was -3.   Right now its back down to -7 and still dropping...coldest we've had so far this winter!   Our high tomorrow is -4, lol - - then it starts to 'warm' up again.  January is always this way, but considering that a couple years ago it was -24 for days on end and all our pipes froze up, I won't complain!   Eric did go out to start the car and let it run for a while...he came back in looking like a human popsicle.  The wind chill (yeah, its windy on top of it all)  is a balmy -32.  Winter in Wisconsin :)        Green Bay played one heck of a game last night and went out fighting.  That last Hail Mary pass had me stunned....two of those in one year?  Had my hopes up for a while there, but it just wasn't meant to be this year.  After watching football all day today, I'm actually glad we don't have to face the Panthers again this year.  Altho the Seahawks put in one heck of a second half, it just wasn't enough.  Once a cheesehead, always a cheesehead - so all us Packer fans will eagerly anticipate next August when it all starts again!

Tonight I have a wonderful cluster that Jenni made with A Great Adventure to share with you!  I still have 3 more to share, too - so be sure to come on back.   The collection is on sale until MONDAY at midnight for 30% off, too!

The image above is linked to its direct download. Stay warm!  -Kim


  1. The link doesn't work Kim.

  2. Love this but the cold must have frozen the link. Stay warm!

  3. Jenni, this is fabulous! I love that you used so many different elements, making this wonderful for so many things. Thanks so much.
    And thank you Kim for this beautiful share.

  4. Thanks for these great clusters! Thanks, too, for sharing about the photos you received - I almost cried with you!


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