Thursday, December 10, 2015

Oh Holy Night - new this week, and a beautiful cluster to share!

53 degrees...and rain.  and wind.  It's December. least I think it is???

This week I have a collection that I had wanted to make for a few years, but just never had the pieces I wanted to make it all come together.  It finally happened this year.   My church back home in Beloit - 2nd Congregational (no longer in existence as it merged with a Methodist church a couple of years ago due to declining membership) was one of my favorite places to go when I needed peace.  It was built in 1892 in a cathedral style, full of wood and stained glass.  I was in the choir, and there was nothing more special to me than the midnlight candlelight service on Christmas Eve each year.  Proceeding down the main aisle with candles in hand - sitting in the choir loft looking out at all the people, candles...the peacefulness of it all was simply wonderful.   Oh Holy Night represents all that - the 'reason for the season'.   Deep rich color and unique elements adorn this one, and its on sale until Sunday for 30% off :)  I have some gorgeous clusters to share, so be sure to stop back often :)  Tonight's piece is from Anita.

and a little inspiration!

Beautiful and creative pages from my team :)

The image above is linked to its direct download.  Have a great night!  -Kim


  1. Anita, this is beautiful. Thanks so much for the share Kim.

  2. Thank you for these beautiful Christmas clusters.

  3. I found your page by accident a couple days ago.. seen you mention Packers.. then where you lived now.. and you mentioned living in Orfordville.. but on this post you mention Beloit.. and I had to message you.. I was born and raised there.. Up till 1999 I lived there and now I live up in a small town near Green Bay.. No wonder I love your stuff.. You're a Wisconsin Packer loving girl. lolHave a great day.


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