Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Christmas Carol quick page tonight!

Would love to say its a lazy Saturday, lol - but its been a working day here for me, and I got SO much done!  I love feeling like I've accomplished 'stuff' - besides my regular computer work, I got my baking cabinets cleaned out.....found I had 4 jars of black pepper, 3 of them open, and a bag of flour that I didn't know I had.    It started because I couldn't remember if I had chocolate bark to make truffles with - - found everything but the bark.  I have white...but need chocolate.  Luckily, I have like....10 bags of chocolate chips...milk chocolate, dark chocolate, semi sweet - so I"m in business :)   It's Christmas goodie making time you see!   It's also time to stock up on Christmas scrapping products - and I have some great ones in The Hatchery!  A Christmas Carol is bundled up - all 13 packs for $12, or $2 each - and they all coordinate with all the other products in The Hatchery, too!   LOADS of great bargains :)   AND - tonight I have an adorable quick page that Anita made with the new products to share with you!  It's gorgeous :)

The image above is linked to its direct download.  Isn't that beautiful???  -Kim


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