Friday, October 23, 2015

A Rustic Autumn cluster to share tonight!

Cold and rainy here in Wisconsin....perfect for staying indoors all day and working on projects :)  We did get our stove 'fixed' and seems to be working fine now....altho I'm not at all crazy about the cocky repairman that showed up.   One of those that acts as if you are just an imposition in his busy busy life, even tho its his job?  Just don't care for people like that....nope, not at all.  Hope all is fine now, because I would hate to call the appliance place again, and get this guy back on my doorstep!   So, lemme see here - - tonight I have a wonderful cluster that Jenni made using my new collection, Rustic Autumn to share with you!  And..if you stop by The Digichick page - you will find another cluster that Emily made using it, too!   Rustic Autumn will be on sale until Sunday for 30% off in my shop at TDC :)

The above image is linked to its direct download :)  Have a great night, and be sure to stop back...more are on the way! -Kim


  1. Jenni, this is amazing! You have put together a beautiful cluster for us. Thanks so much! Kim, thank YOU for the share.

  2. Hello and Thank you for this Autumn cluster...

  3. Thank you Kim.

  4. Thanks so much- always love your colors,

  5. Thanks so much- always love your colors,


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