Saturday, June 27, 2015

Denim & Daisies full page cluster and blended paper to share tonight :)

Eric and I went for a drive earlier....we found out that it was indeed a tornado that hit our area on Monday morning..and only a few miles north of us.   Tornado's in river valleys like ours are rather unheard of - we live between the Wisconsin River and the Mississippi.....near where they junction.  Generally....tornado's don't come into the valley area.   After seeing the damage along a creek bed - just 2 miles north of us....we were stunned.  And feel VERY lucky!   Toss in a little puzzlement as to the weather lately....and well.   I'll stick with feeling lucky :)

Last night I mentioned that Jenni had sent over a couple freebies to share....and WOW.   She made a full page size frame cluster and a blended paper, using papers in the new collection and some of the graffiti.  Both are just wonderful, and tonight I'm posting both to share!  Denim & Daisies will be on sale until midnight on Sunday in my shop at The Digichick.

Just click on the images to download and enjoy!  More coming, so stop back soon.  Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!   -Kim


  1. Awesomeness! thank you thank you!

  2. thank you Kim - you have a wonderful weekend too - love your stuff

  3. Thank you very much Kim and Jenni! Tornadoes are scary and so unpredictable... glad to hear all was ok at your place.

  4. Hello and Thank you for the great Denim & Daisies frames...

  5. Thanks Love multi pages and frames!


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