Sunday, June 7, 2015

A beautiful summery cluster to share tonight!

The weekend is almost over - and for the most part it was lovely here in Wisconsin!  It stormed in the middle of the night for about an hour or where near what was expected (of course), but enough to get the yard soaked pretty good this time!    Got some herbs planted in some upcycled  planters that Eric and I fixed up this week...he finished the lettering today, and they look pretty spiffy :)  Hope your weekend was a good one, too!   My products in the Hatchery will remain at their current prices until next Thursday at there is time to pick them up at your leisure if you like them!   I have a gorgeous summery cluster for you from Jenni tonight - made with those new products!  

The  top image is linked to your direct download.  The one just above is over on the Digichick FB page.  Another great cluster coming tomorrow! - Kim


  1. Jenni, this is such a beautiful cluster. Thank you all so very much for your shares. They are truly amazing!

  2. I'm loving these summer clusters - thank you!! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing!


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