Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Serendipity frame cluster!

Well, just back from a 3 hour power outage, lol - I guess Spring is here :)  Thunderstorms.  At least we need the moisture!   and yep - our Badgers lost a well fought game last night.  Some argue that there were some bad calls that could have changed the game....yes there were.  But there are in almost every game now days....so, hey.   Good season Wisconsin.  A very good season :)

Tonight I have the last cluster made with my latest release, Serendipity.   A beautiful frame cluster from Jenni :)  Hope you can find a good use for this one!

 The image is  linked to your direct download. Sneak peek tomorrow of my new collection! -Kim


  1. Thank you Jenni for this lovely frame cluster. Kim, your "being a good sport" attitude is one to be admired. Sorry your team lost, they played a good game. Thanks for the share.

  2. Thank you so much,
    Its beautiful,
    Love Christine in Italy xx

  3. Hello and Thank you for this lovely frame...


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