Monday, March 23, 2015

Simply journal card cluster - - - and SNOW.

Um.  Can  you believe 13 inches of snow total?  Unbelievable!   It had stopped last night for about..oh...4 hours or so.  Then kicked in again after midnight.  We woke up today to 13 inches of fluffy stuff on top of wet heavy stuff.  and now its supposed to rain?  LOL....Wisconsin weather.  Never a dull moment!    Tonight I have another great cluster from Anita to share with you that she made using my new collection, Simply :)

 The image is  linked to your direct download. Isn't that a pretty one?   See you tomorrow!   -Kim


  1. Anita, one can't say it any better than this! Kim, thanks once again for the lovely shares.

  2. Love the flair added to the flower! Thanks so much!

  3. All of your art is pretty, Kim, thank you so much!


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