Monday, January 5, 2015

SNOW! awesome A New Year cluster!

SNOW.  It's finally here..and seems to be making up for lost time!  No idea what I'll find tomorrow...but about 4 inches so far tonight, and our area is still completely covered on the radar.  Hopefully, no mishaps will occur!  Tonight I have another awesome cluster from Jenni to share with you - made using my latest release, A New Year :)   Stay warm!  (0 degress out right now in WI)

   The above image is linked to your download -.  See you tomorrow, hopefully!  -Kim


  1. Kim, the modified journal card still has a typo - the word "on" is repeated twice in succession.
    "The FUTURE depends on on what you do TODAY"

  2. Thank you so the fun cluster. -Marie

  3. I still show the cluster with a typo so cannot find a corrected one.


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