Sunday, January 11, 2015

Packers win! Sale ending, and TWO clusters :)

Cheeseheads!!!  YAY  Packers!  That was one heck of a game..and that controversial call , well..rules are rules.  I was worried there for a while!  Eric was hoping that Denver would win the AFC game - he likes Manning (who has had a wonderful career)....but hey, the Colts did a great job in that game.   Something tells me that next Sunday is going to be a nailbiter - BOTH championships should be great games! celebrate the Packers winning today, I have two wonderful clusters to share with you using my latest collection, A Creative Life.  The first is from Anita, the second from Jenni :)  Oh, and the new release sale is on until midnight tonight - if you had thought about picking up anything while its on sale - there is time!

   The  images are linked to your downloads -.and we aren't done yet!  More to come, so stop by tomorrow for another gorgeous piece! -Kim


  1. Anita and Jenni, these are lovely shares. Thank you Kim for sending them along.

  2. Very unique. Thanks for sharing them.


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