Sunday, January 4, 2015

Better late than never, right? A New Year cluster to share

Bet you think I forgot to post didn't you?  LOL - you would be kind of right on that one.  Got to watching some programs on Netflix with Eric, and well.  I forgot.  But...altho its late - Here I am!  Hopefully, the bad weather headed our way won't take our internet down in the next few days and I'll be able to post on time (as long as my wandering mind remembers things!).  Tonight I have another gorgeous piece from Anita - made using my new release this week - A New Year.  The new collection is on sale in my shop at The Digichick for 30% off until tomorrow night at midnight :)

   The above images are linked to your downloads - see you Sunday!   -Kim


  1. Anita, this is a beautiful cluster, with a powerful message. Thank you both for the lovely share.

  2. Thank you! - Kat

  3. Thank you for another great word art cluster. And yes, I am a survivor of three strokes and both lungs full of blood clots. Every day is more precious now than before and I thank God for the additional time. I have shared in the blessing of receiving a new daughter when our youngest son married, and now they have given us another blessing with the addition of a new grandson. God shares His love with us. -Marie


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