Saturday, December 13, 2014

Winter Song full page scenic border!

FOG.  Mid December, and the little snow we had is long gone....its drizzly and foggy as all get out.  Can't see beyond 30 feet out there - and am glad we are staying home for the next few days!  Makes for great scrapping/designing/baking time, tho!  Made some awesome Chocolate Mint candy today, that tastes exactly like Andes making truffles!  I love this time of year, just for all the special things I get to make!    Tonight I have an awesome panoramic cluster for you - full page width, too!  It's from Jenni, who made it using my latest release, Winter Song.  The collection will be on sale thru tomorrow night at midnight :)

Isn't that great?   The image is linked to your direct download.  Enjoy, and come on back tomorrow, lots more to share!  -Kim


  1. Jenni, this is just adorable! Thanks so much Kim for the share.

  2. My mom just picked up sleigh's for my grandchildren ages 17 months, 5 yrs, and 10. This will be prefect for some of those pictures!!
    I'm loving your freebies and am admitting that I don't comment everyday BUT please know I'm loving your work and commitment. I will be heading to my grandchildren tomorrow and will have very little 'collecting' time while I'm there so although I will be back I won't be commenting. Merry Christmas!


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