Thursday, November 27, 2014

First Frost - New this week! and THE most beautiful cluster to share!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers in the USA - I hope your holiday is a wonderful one, and for everyone - that you are safe, snug & surrounded by family!   It's just Eric and I today, but I'm still cooking tons anyway.  I can't seem to ever just cook for 'two', at least we love leftovers :)

When making this weeks new release, it had just snowed outside...the first of the year, and quite early in the season, too!  The grass still showed green in some spots, the sky was blue, and there was the creamy beige of the harvested corn field out behind us blended with a brilliant blue sky.  It's a very 'cool' palette, and perfect for this collection :)  First Frost contains 8 shabby solid papers, 18 beautifully patterned and blended papers and 69 elements for your scrapping projects, and the collection includes so many other packs and pieces!  It's huge, and on sale thru Sunday for 40% off at the Digichick.   Our last big sale of the year is this weekend, everything at TDC is 40% off.  We have something very special coming to TDC on Monday, too - - and there will be a new fan template on the 1st!   Tonight, I also have one of Anita's specialty clusters to share with you - it seems every year she makes THE MOST GORGEOUS tree cluster!  She is sharing the one she made with First Frost with you tonight :)

and a little inspiration!

Now those are some wonderful layouts, and perfect inspiration!

The above image is linked to your direct download! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  and IF you dare go out shopping - be careful, be safe!  -Kim


  1. Thank you!! - Kat

  2. Oh my goodness. sooo beautiful. thank you,

  3. Beautifully done Anita. Thank you for sharing it Kim.

  4. Oh my, but this is gorgeous!! Fantastic job Anita! Thank you.

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  6. Gorgeous. Thank you for your generosity.

  7. Hello and Thank you for this lovely download...

  8. Wow - I am so grateful to have this, and all your beautiful creations. The Fairy Whisperer (Antonia)

  9. Thank you so much for this wonderful cluster !


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