Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sale ends tonight, and a gorgeous cluster!

We have about 1500 DVDs.   We also have VHS tapes that we refuse to get rid of...and Eric is sorting them.  Why?  No idea. LOL...we need to find places for this stuff!  But...PROGRESS!

There are still a few hours left to pick up my new release, Early Autumn Splendor while its still on sale for 30% off!   Sale ends at midnight tonight :)   Anita made this awesome cluster to share with you tonight using it, too!

 The image is linked to your direct download :)  I have one more cluster to share, so see you tomorrow!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  - Kim


  1. Thank you!! - Kat

  2. Another beauty from Anita. Thank you both so much for the lovelies you create and share.

  3. Hello and Thank you for this pretty cluster...


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