Thursday, April 10, 2014

Newsletter troubles; There Are Moments . . . & some freebies!

So, today's newsletter was a semi-flop - more than half of the newsletters (almost a thousand) bounced somewhere out there in cyberspace - all because Yahoo updated their policies and neglected to tell people just what that update might do to things like newsletters.  It seems that because I use my yahoo mail addy as the "reply to" email in MailChimp, Yahoo is either sending the newsletter to spam folders, or its not going anywhere.  Unless something is sent by Yahoo, meaning from a Yahoo server - it won't work as a reply addy.  Since MailChimp sends the newsletter from THEIR server, I can't use the yahoo addy as the reply addy.  Sorta makes sense in a goofy techno way.  I updated MailChimp with a new return addy, and it should work just fine.  Meanwhile....Lots of you didn't get the newsletter.  I am resending it tomorrow (I can only send up to 2000 per day, so it has to wait until 7 am tomorrow)....but in the meantime - what you see below is the newsletter  - freebie included :)   Plus....there is a cluster freebie!  Anita made it using this new collection - There Are Moments :)  Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, and sorry in advance if I clutter up your inbox tomorrow!


It's been beautiful outside - warmer....drying up some....SUNSHINE!!!  and...the grass is greening up!  YAY!   Makes for a lot of smiles here at home :)  Hope you are all having great weather, too - and enjoying it while you can!

This week I have a colorful collection in my shop at the Digichick - There Are Moments . . . a quirky, fun pagekit and collection filled with great things to scrap your memories with!  Best of all, its on sale for 30% off now thru this Sunday at midnight :)


and a little inspiration!

Now THAT is some awesome inspiration!

I have a pack of coordinating arrow elements for you this week - they are fun to play with on pages to point out the 'important' stuff!  The image is linked to your direct download.  Enjoy - have a wonderful weekend.....and see you on FB and the blog this next week!  -Kim

and here is today's cluster from Anita!  (and by the way - there is a freebie in EVERY weeks newsletter - - just so you know!)

The image above is linked to the direct download.  See you tomorrow! -Kim


  1. so sorry to hear about the Yahoo problems. Thank you for the beautiful freebies and send my thank, also, to Anita.

  2. THANK YOU ;~} as always for the beautiful creations you create..I dropped yahoo years ago since they had too many unsolved issues I just did`nt have any luck with them....

  3. Thank you ! - Kat

  4. Thank you, I love them


  5. Thank you twice, both of them deserves a large THANK YOU! -Marie

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