Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hummingbird Hollow and a beautiful cluster piece!

It's getting warmer in Wisconsin!!!  FINALLY :)  Bet you never thought you would see me say that, did you?  It's been nice the past few days - in the 50's, and we hit 65 this past Saturday.  Now, I just have to be patient, and wait for everything to dry up a little - its rather soggy out there.  I don't like walking out in the yard and sinking in to my ankles.   That being said - I saw some bluebirds yesterday out by our bluebird houses - a sure sign of Spring!  Now I'm just waiting for our little hummers to come back "home" - I adore them!  And...made a kit for that!  Hummingbird Hollow is made with a softer palette, and lots of springtime elements.  Its on sale now thru Sunday for 30% off in my shop at the Digichick!


and a little inspiration!

Pure gorgeousness from my team :)

Next, I have a beautiful cluster  for you - Anita made this gorgeous piece using Hummingbird Hollow. Below that is the April Template for anyone who might have missed it. Hope you can use these - Stay tuned for more beautiful pieces in the next few days!!  See you tomorrow :)  -Kim

The images are linked to your direct download.  See you tomorrow!  -Kim


  1. Thank you!! - Kat

  2. Beautiful kit Kim! I love hummingbirds, so this was a must have. Already used the kit last night! Saw our first hummer March 2 - but they are very elusive this spring, so have not been able to get a photo of them yet.

  3. Beautiful - thank you! & Thanks for the template, too!

  4. Adorable, Kim, thanks a million. I love hummingbirds, and was so thrilled to see some in person when I visited Central America several years ago :-) We don't get them in Ireland!

  5. This cluster is especially pretty! Thank you!


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