Friday, February 21, 2014

Embrace the Day cluster :)

I will NOT talk about the weather.  I will NOT.  *cough*  So.  Tonight I have another wonderful cluster made using Embrace the Day to share with you!  The collection  and its separates are on sale now thru Sunday at midnight for 30% off, too :)  Nancy made this gorgeous piece!


The image is linked to  your direct download :)  I'll be back with another for you tomorrow!  -Kim


  1. Well, Kim, you may not talk about the weather, but I will! We are finally getting a warm spell (38*) and my oldest (29) son is complaining that the "heat wave" is melting his 7' snow Tardis is beginning to melt and is hoping for another Polar Vortex to hit us...with additional snow to make repairs! Ugg! Thanks so much for the pretties makes me think about Spring!

  2. A big thank you to Nancy for using the adorable crochet heart in the cluster(I did not see it in the kit preview). Heading to the store soon to buy! Love the colors and as usual Kim, you include new fun elements! Thanks!


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