Sunday, January 26, 2014

Focus cluster!

Posting early, just in case.   Down to 14 degrees, winds are gusting at 45 mph, and its snowing like crazy.  The low tonight is -11;  the HIGH tomorrow is -4!  Then (as if that isn't bad enough)  we drop to -25 again Monday night into Tuesday with a gradual warm up over the week, but very gradual.  So....we are "bunkering down", preparing to NOT let the pipes freeze up again - and with this wind, just in case I lose internet, I'm posting now :)  So - there is still some time to pick up my new collection Focus - on sale now for 30% off thru midnight tonight :)  AND - I have a gorgeous cluster for you from Anita tonight, too!  Enjoy :)

The image above is linked to  your direct download :)  See you tomorrow - hopefully!!!  Stay warm :)  -Kim


  1. Thanks for the clusters. The weather is heading our way tomorrow :)

  2. What a lovely cluster! Thank you, Kim & Anita, for sharing it! ... Kim, stay warm! & hope you don't lose your internet connection! :)

  3. Oh my this is just so beautiful. thank you very much,

  4. Hello and Thank you for this lovely cluster...

  5. Thanks so much for the cluster!


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