Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Blogger problems.....

Darned old Blogger!   There was this "error" message that I was getting for a few weeks...and couldn't edit the design of the blog - they said they were working on that.  Well, that's fixed - but now images won't post for me!  SO - I am posting them on the FB page, and will get my blog readers hooked up as soon as Blogger decides to cooperate again!   They will also be available on my Pinterest page - if you do Pinterest :)  You can find that  HERE  .  Sorry for the problems!! - Kim


  1. It's not your fault!! Hope they get it fixed for you soon as I know what a pain this is! Thanks for the freebies on face book.

  2. hope they get it sorted for you hugs Nana Kat and blessings and many thanks for the amazing gifts you share with us all ,hugs Nana Kat

  3. you shouldn't have... but glad you did :)
    you are so amazing - dealing with blogger issues, but finding a way to keep giving us treats
    thanks so much

  4. Hope it gets straightened out for you. That's got to be frustrating! Thanks for the beautiful template.


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