Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sky Blue Pink Cluster :)

Darned pollen - - allergies are acting up like mad...I love fall, with the exception of this particular problem.  Never had a problem when I was a kid, ever!  Allergic to poison ivy to the extreme...but normal fall air?  Nope.   My doc told me it can be an acquired thing with adults.  Gee, thanks for that!  Ah well.  Hopefully, it will die down soon so I can breathe again :)

Tonight I have a beautiful piece that Anita made using Sky Blue Pink to share with you :)   Don't forget about the Clearing out the Cobwebs sale at the Digichick - you have until Wednesday night at midnight to pick up some great bargains!  All of the products I have in this category will be retired after the sale...so - - if you want any of them, now is the time :)

The image is linked to your direct download.  Enjoy!  See you tomorrow :)  -Kim


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