Friday, October 4, 2013

2 clusters tonight!

Tonight I have TWO clusters for for each of my new releases!   For those who can used a Jewish faith type of cluster, I have a beautiful one that Marla made to share with you - and Anita (who is doing better by the day!)  made one using Sky Blue Pink!   Both are still on sale for 30% off thru this Sunday, and be sure to check out the Clearing out the Cobwebs sale that contains retiring products from the Digichick designers - at bargain prices!  Mine are all 50% off, and start around page 8.   This sale goes on thru the 9th - so plenty of time to shop that one!

Each of the images is linked to its download....enjoy!  See you tomorrow :)  -Kim


  1. WOW!!! Two in one night. awesome. glad Anita is coming right along with her recovery.
    Thank you for the lovely clusters.

  2. this is my birth color amethyst. and it's so spiritual. Thank you I love it. !


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