Thursday, June 13, 2013

Photographs & Memories, New this week!!

Will someone do me a huge favor and turn off the rain?   All day again.....more than 3 inches yesterday.  Tornado warnings, 75 mph winds, hail.....and the yard is once again under water.  I've about had it with this!!!  Last year was just the opposite...our yard was going dormant from lack of rain, and we were watering our garden every other day.  Now my tomato's and peppers are underwater, and I'm pretty sure I can kiss any crop I had dreamed of goodbye.  Hot, humid, sticky.  YUCK.  The only good thing is that I have hours and hours to work on new stuff.   So this week I have one named for one of my favorite Jim Croce tunes.  My CT and I were reminiscing about what we were doing the day he died.  Me, I was at marching band practice - we heard it on the radio.  We gave up on practice after that. ( you have to be around my age to have knowledge of this day, lol!)   Photographs and Memories is filled with a soft shabby assortment of papers and elements with lots of addon packs to round it out perfectly!  Bought as the collection for extra savings, or separately, its on sale for 30% off thru Sunday, June 16th at midnight :)

and a little inspiration!

Wonderful layouts from my awesome Creative Team!!

I also have 2 new journal card template sets this week - - for that layered, worn look!

Stay tuned for some awesome clusters coming your way - starting tonight!
Have a wonderful weekend!!  -Kim


  1. Another lovely kit! I remember hearing about Jim's death as I was leaving the community college after classes. They do not play enough of his songs on Sirius radio! But will not complain - they do play the Moody Blues! Woohoo!

    You make the most beautiful papers!! Couldn't resist getting the collection:)

  2. This kit is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors!! The layouts from your creative team are wonderful...great inspiration!!

  3. When I click on Photographs & Memories, it brings up Completely Quirky instead.


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