Thursday, June 27, 2013

On the Waterfront - New this week!!

You would think that with as much rain as we have received around the southwestern Wisconsin area that the last thing I would do is make a collection about water - - but nooooooooooooo!  LOL, actually, I had this one planned for a while now.  Always wanted to do one!   On the Waterfront is a beautiful full collection and is on sale now for 30% off in my shop at the Digichick.   Available as separates or the entire collection, it will remain on sale thru Sunday at midnight PST :)

and a little inspiration!

Those layouts are gorgeous..and make me want to visit a real beach, instead of this swamp I now have where my yard used to be!!  Stay tuned, because I have some awesome clusters that Anita and Jenni made using this collection to share with you!!  -Kim

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