Saturday, March 9, 2013

Another great cluster for you!

Rain.   and lots of it.   We went from too much snow - which is now melting like crazy - to having flash flood warnings.  AND - up to 8 inches of snow beginning tomorrow evening.  Only in Wisconsin, I guess, LOL.   I should be used to it since I've lived my entire life here, but somehow each year gets whackier.  Someone tell me there are warm sunny days ahead?

In the meantime, I have another wonderful piece that Anita made to share with you using Inside & Out!  Her pieces always make me smile :)   Inside & Out will be on sale thru tomorrow evening at midnight (about the time the snow is supposed to start) for 30% off.

Gorgeous!   I'll be back tomorrow with the final cluster I have using this new be sure to stop back and grab it :)   Happy Scrapping!  -Kim


  1. Thanks, Kim! It's raining here in NE Wisconsin, too. I certainly hope that 8" of snow passes us by!

  2. Beautiful journaling cluster! Thank you very much.


  3. Thank you very pretty.


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