Thursday, August 16, 2012

We're Back!!!! The Digichick is open again!

After one very long week after what I call Black Tuesday (the day we crashed) - - the Digichick is up and running! We have a whole new look, and almost everything is loaded and ready to go! The problem was with our server - - it had been hiccuping off and on for a couple days. When they manually checked it, they found some problems, and needed to install a new drive. Well....either the software didnt' recognize the new drive, or the other way it couldn't be used. They went to the backup - - only to find it corrupted. No store. No ftp files. The most recent good backup was on April 11th - - if you look in our gallery you will see lots of missing images. The posts are there, but the layouts are gone....spotty in places. My gallery does indeed have missing images all the way back to April!!! It was a huge mess - - and it took a while to set up the new xcart and ftp so we could begin uploading all our files again. We did it tho...frantically uploading and xcarting all weekend and all this week. Our wonderful owner Sinead did a beautiful job with it all....keeping calm...reassuring us and telling us exactly what was happening and when. I don't know how she did it! Its going on 2:30 am here in Wisconsin, and something tells me she is still up, either tweaking things or doing our newsletter. I don't think she has slept in over a week :) SO. We're back - - and our delayed "Homecoming" event has begun! The entire shop is on sale until SUNDAY at 35% off - - and you will be finding lots of great bargains! I have a few myself, plus 3 new kits to show you! Here we go!!

First up are my new products (which were due to come out on the 9th...but...well. you know)

Next, I have a couple 'soon to retire' bundles - - at a great savings!!

and finally - - I bundled up my "Jingleberries" seperates into one bundle for savings...and yep - - it will retire soon, too!

That's it for me....I'm just about permanently cross eyed right now, but SO glad to be back!! I'll have some goodies to give out on the blog this weekend that coordinate with my last release "Good Old Summertime" - - in the hurry to get everything reuploaded to the Digichick, there wasn't anytime to do anything else.  Stay tuned for those!   Oh....almost forgot. During our...downtime? We discussed our New Release policies..and will now offer our New Releases thru Sunday nite instead of Saturday - - and ALL new releases will be 30% off from now on instead of 20%!! How's that?? Its good to be back :)

Have a wonderful relaxing weekend, everyone! -Kim

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