Friday, May 24, 2019

To the Friends and Fans of Kim:

You may have read Eric's previous post, where he indicated his desire to keep Kim's memory and gorgeous work alive, after our premature loss of her to cancer. 

My name is Karen (Snickerdoodle Designs). Tami (Tami Miller Designs) and I are helping Eric fulfill his dream by uploading and advertising Kim's digital scrapbook kits at MyMemories.

There are some kits available now at MyMemories, but going forward we will be releasing one new collection per week.

Along with the other works of Kim that have already been released at MyMemories, A Great Adventure is now available too. It's on sale for 30-40% off (single products / the bundle).

This is what Kim said about the Great Adventure when she released it:

I received a wonderful letter from my cousin Cheri in the mail today - and have spent the last hour crying my eyes out.  You see, when I was 7 years old my Mom left my father.  Long story - but my Dad was a great guy - she just didn't love him, and found someone else.  My stepfather was and still is a very jealous man....and every photo, slide - anything having to do with my father was destroyed.  I've never had any photos of him, or of him with me or my brothers...nothing.  To make matters worse, after two years of every other weekend 'visitation'  my mother put a halt to that, too.  I stayed pretty close to my Dad, tho.  I would secretly write him letters (even tho we lived in the same darned city), and sneak in a short phone call when I could.  My Dad and his entire family are all gone now - and in today's letter from Cheri (my father's brother's daughter) were photo's.  LOTS of photos!  I have my fathers graduation photo, pictures of him when he was a kid.  Photos of my Grandma and Grandpa  - and my Great Grandparents on both sides.  I've never seen any of these except my Dad's graduation photo, and that's only because he was in my Mom's yearbook. It's been a wonderful afternoon..and I am still a bit overwhelmed with this precious treasure!   We are memory keepers for a reason - and this is why.  So we never forget.  So we can capture moments in time and remember with a smile :)

This week I have a new collection for road trips, vacations - adventures!  A Great Adventure is filled with color and awesome elements and textures to help scrap those pages!  

Kim created a lot of things she called "extras" for this kit too.

And you can download this freebie by clicking on the image below.


  1. What a beautiful post, and a lovely freebie :)

  2. It's so wonderful to see Kim's work again. I've always loved her designs and she is greatly missed. She was very talented in designing and sharing her thoughts. Thank you for bringing these back to us.

  3. I've always appreciated the creativity I've found here. Thanks for carrying it forward though she will be missed. Rest peacefully sweet woman.

  4. I just popped on here because her beautiful designs and the thought of her wonderful loving personality would not let me go ..... I miss reading her in puts . Just always know she is truly missed and I was so happy to see this is what’s happening now ...

  5. I was so happy to see a link to this great site, on Creative Busy Bee today. I always follow her shares. Kimerick Kreations has always been one of my favorite sites, I know I have just about all of your past freebies, and some kits as well! What agreat way to honor Kim's memory, what a sweet soul she was....


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