Saturday, April 7, 2018

Just call me Sleeping Beauty!

I've been sleeping since I got home on Thursday - maybe up for like an hour, and that's it.   This has been the longest I've been up (4 whole hours) since I left the ER!   I have low potassium...hemoglobin...basically anemic as all get out.   So...sleep it is.   This morning, as I was sitting here wondering if it was 530 in the morning or at night (yes it is that bad, lol!)  I realized I hadn't even posted this weeks new stuff! I have a freebie from Chrissy with Everyday Stories - Vintage,  and one from Anita from last weeks new release, Everyday Stories - Home to share with you.   Hopefully, I'll be back tonight with another and get back on track!     SOOOO - This week I  have  another Everyday Stories pagekit to share, this one in vintage style.  Filled with neutrals and pops of great color, you are sure to love it if you like the vintage style!  Best of all, it's on sale for 30% off until Monday at midnight in my shop at TDC.

and a little inspiration!

Just click on the images above to download!  See you tomorrow!


  1. Glad to hear you are okay, just tired :) I know how you feel wondering whether it is a.m. or p.m. - I burn the candle too close to the flame, too often, and end up not so much asleep, as collapsed. I have always stayed up too late, and it is so bad for your health .. I just get immersed in what I'm doing, and before you know it, it's like 4.30/5.00am. Thanks for the gorgeous gifts, and keep sleeping .. your body obviously needs it :)

  2. Chrissy & Anita, thank you both for these lovely clusters. Can't wait to use them. Kim, enjoy the rest, your body needs it, but, please remember to eat something when you are awake, and drink water as well. Nighty-night dear - and as always, thank you for the share.

  3. So very sorry to hear about you having to go to the ER again. Hope you rest and feel better soon. Thanks for the gifts!

  4. Two beautiful clusters/photoclusters. You ladies are so creative. Thank you. Another beautiful collection Kim. I don't know how you have the time and inspiration for a fabulous collection every week. Sweet dreams! We all hope your body is healing and you will be over this treatment and healthy again soon!

  5. Thanks a lot and here's hoping you continue to heal and get some rest!


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