Monday, January 8, 2018

A Neutral Zone cluster to share tonight!

Today has been a better day - even the temperature was good for a change!  we hit 34 degrees this afternoon....snow melted....and it just plain smelled so fresh :)  Gotta love that one!   I spent the day messing with some cardboard letters that spell out KIMERIC - about 8 inches high, 4 inches wide and 1 inch deep.  Forgot what I even bought them for....but got out my paints and spiffed 'em all up and they now adorn the top of one of our DVD shelving units.  I used the same red (candyapple) as our feature wall in the living room on some of them, apple green, yellow/gold and black with white.  They turned out wonderfully, and very ecclectic!  So...the quilting begins tomorrow instead.    I've got spagetti sauce simmering, and got a cluster made to share with you!    The 55% off sale runs until tomorrow at midnight - so there is still time to pick up stuff to stock your stash with - - do you have The Neutral Zone?   That's what I made tonight's freebie with :)   Have a great night!

The image below is linked to your direct download!    


  1. Wow, for someone fighting off serious health issues, you sure have ambition and energy! Thank you for this lovely wreath. I hope your treatment continues to be very effective.

  2. Thank you very much Kim for sharing this lovely wreath. :)

  3. Kim, this is lovely. I'm sure your sauce is delish as well. Sending get well wishes for continued improvement, and as always, thank you for the share.

  4. Lucky I just bought The Neutral Zone together with some other on sale, thank you so very much ! I'm sure the Kimeric letters you made look greate, it shows in every design you make that you know how to mix colors :) Wishing you good spirit and that you are surounded by loving people, as love is the best medicine :) ♥

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