Monday, November 6, 2017

Tropical weather here, lol & an oh so cute cluster from Anita - sale ends tonight!

It crept up to 35 degrees today, so Eric went out to give the lawn one more cut before putting up the mower for the season.   Didn't take him long, and while he was out there he picked up my remaining art yard stuff for me and brought it into the porch.  Picked some catnip we had growing by the hose to drive Sunshine and Hosanna crazy (both cats are sound asleep now as I type this, lol - they kinda overdosed me thinks!).  Eric is napping, and I'm making snacks for the football game tonight - GO PACKERS!  Hope you have a great Monday night!    I have colorful and fun and awesome cluster from Anita to share tonight - made with Treasures of the Heart - on sale until midnight tonight at The Digichick.

Just click on the image to download. See you tomorrow!  -Kim


  1. Thanks Anita! A very unique and beautiful design. Kim this is such a beautiful collection. Thanks all.

  2. Thank you I love them'
    So glad you are doing alright

  3. This is going in the front page lay out of my Grandaughters book
    Thank you


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