Monday, September 4, 2017

Sale ends tonight & a frame cluster to share!

Just woke up from a much needed naparoonie...and feel better.   Nice enough day, altho the "mostly sunny" forecast is out the window with all the smoke coming from Canada.   Makes for gorgeous sunsets, and that's about it - otherwise, no sunshine at all, it's too smokey here.  Ah well.   Hope you have had a wonderful last blast weekend here in the states - it will be a while before another long weekend comes around!   Posting a little early, as its time to grill tonight, and want to get things started.   I have a fantastic frame cluster from Jenni to share - made with Back to School, of course - on sale until midnight tonight at The Digichick.

Just click on the image to download.   - Kim


  1. Kim - there is a 404 error message instead of the cluster.

  2. I love it, but can't seem to get the link. Thank you.

  3. Thanks Kim for sharing these gorgeous pages. The only way I could get the download today was to add s between the t and 2.

  4. Love the freebie for tonight but I got a message 404 and couldn't download.:(

  5. Hi Kim, problem with the address link for the photocluster--as mentioned above. Thanks to boop52245 above, I too was able to get the cluster by adding one letter to the link that appears to be missing. Link at end has bt2 and I changed it to bts2 (for back to school) and it downloaded fine. Thanks Jenni for this great cluster.

    1. Thanks DonnaK, I did what you did and it downloaded. Thanks Jenni for the lovely cluster

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