Monday, June 5, 2017

The final cluster made with Summer Dreams tonight!

A gorgeous Summer day today here in Wisconsin - almost hit 80 degrees....sunny, breezy - got outside for a while to weed and plant a few more things - felt good, too!  I'm getting a tan - which is so much better than this ghostly pale thing I had going on!    Plus, I got all the old trashy stuff from the garden out for the trash dude tomorrow.  A productive day, plus finished up a collection I was working on.   Good thing I planned on leftovers for supper, because I forgot to take anything out :)   So...hope your Monday was a good one!     Tonight I have the last cluster made with Summer Dreams for you - from Jenni.

Just click on the image to download. More to come! - Kim


  1. Jenni, this is absolutely stunning dear. Beautiful colors beautifully arranged. Thanks so very much. Kim, time to hit the shower to cool down a bit. So happy you enjoyed your day. As always, thanks for the share.

  2. Very nice! Thank you! A great combination.


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