Thursday, May 25, 2017

at the Flea Market - new this week, and and gorgeous cluster to share!

YAY ME!  I spent 6 hours outside today...planting, weeding...edging the sidewalks.....and I feel GOOD.  I was a good girlie and took lots of breaks - drinking powerade, too - just so I don't dehydrate myself.   I got all the veggies planted, all the flowers and plants I had sitting here are now in their pots or area's.....and I even found time to work the grass clippings into the garden soil!   so, yep - YAY ME!  It was 75 degrees, and breezy - a perfect day - I wish it would stick around a bit, but unfortunately there is more rain in the forecast.

This weekend also kicks off some great Flea Markets, Farmer's Markets, Arts & Crafts - I've always thought of Memorial Day weekend as the official beginning of summer for me.  Not the season - just ...summer.  You know - when all the fun stuff begins.   I love me some flea markets..The Market Under the Bridge has it's first showing this weekend, and Eric offered to take me - and trust me, that is unusual!   We both hate crowds and being out on holiday weekends...we usually stick to home and avoid the traffic and drunk party people.....but I might take him up on this offer!  and the annual Rendezvouz  weekend in Prairie du Chien is coming up pretty quick!  Hoping to make it this year..and find some goodies .   at the Flea Market is filled with textures and much color - and you all know how I love that!    It's on sale for 30% off in my shop at The Digichick until midnight on Monday. Do I have any freebies you ask?  Well of course I do!  The gals have been busy  - and tonight's is from Miss Jenni.

and a little inspiration!

Now that is some colorful inspiration!

Just click on the image to download. More coming - so see you tomorrow!- Kim


  1. I would like to go to this flea market--cute items here. Love this collection-just as all you do! Thanks to Jennie for this fabulous cluster. And yes, I once had/wore some of those black and white "saddle oxfords".

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