Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Nasty weather and a We Love to Travel cluster to share

A nasty typical winter day today...fog, freezing drizzle...no sunshine at all, with temperatures dropping bigtime.  At least it's not going below zero - but we are going down from a high of 45 yesterday to a high of 18 tomorrow...about 10 overnight.  YUCK.   Hoping for decent weather on Thursday as we will be travelling to Lacrosse for my radiation set up and simulation so they can "map" out where on my body they will be radiating.  Fun, right?     Tonight I have another cluster with We Love to Travel to share..and I do have one more for tomorrow!

Just click on the images to download - one more to go! - Kim


  1. Oh Kim, I LOVE THIS ONE!!! Thank you so much for the share. I do hope your travel weather is nice too. Drive safely.


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