Sunday, March 20, 2016

In the Stars cluster to share tonight :)

Spent today priming the ceiling in the hallway to our "hobby lobby"  and the ceiling in the bathroom......I'm gettin there!  It's supposed to be really nice the next few days..and then snow on Wednesday?  65+ on Tuesday and snow on Wednesday?  Wisconsin.  that about sums it up!  Tonight I have a cluster to share with you that I made using my new release (on sale until Monday at midnight for 30% off!)  In the Stars to share with you.  Hope you all had a great weekend!

The image above is linked to its direct download.    Have a great night! See you tomorrow - Kim


  1. Kim, this is stunning! The phrase is lovely also. Thanks so much for this share.

  2. love this!! Thank you!! - Kat

  3. Thanks so much for this great clusters, just downloaded the last 4, I haven't been on here for a few days, so had to catch up.


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