Monday, November 23, 2015

Life Changes frame cluster to share tonight!

I see we are in for a huge rainstorm on Thanksgiving day.....good thing we aren't planning on going anywhere!   Got our shopping done today, and plan on just plain staying home and relaxing for a change - well.  We'll be stuffing ourselves, of course!    We don't like to travel too much in these parts when deer hunting season is in full swing - there are deer all over to begin with, but they start roaming and running when the hunters are out....and tend to run towards the river - which is at the bottom of the hill we live on - and the highway that takes us to shopping (in either direction) follows the same river, lol - - so we prefer staying home :)  Whatever your plans are for the holiday this week (if you are in the US) - travel safely!      Tonight I have a fabulous frame cluster that Jenni made using my latest release Life Changes to share with you!

The image above is linked to its direct download :) More to come! -Kim

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