Monday, November 2, 2015

A quick page made with The Bright Side tonight!

We got trounced last night, no two ways about it.  Eric has always like Peyton Manning...and even I have to admit there is life left in football for that guy!  Denver played an excellent game, and kept our team cornered.   I guess if you have to lose might as well be one like we watched last night, painful as it was :)    Tonight I have the last freebie with The Bright Side to share with you, a wonderful quick page made by Jenni!

Looking for the Digi Scrap Parade mini ?  You can find it in the sidebar on the right here on the blogaroonie...or on my FB page , along with the new fan template :)  

The above image is linked to its direct download :) Sneak Peeks coming up - its almost DSD!!  -Kim


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