Saturday, October 24, 2015

A gorgeous Rustic Autumn cluster to share tonight!

Still cold and rainy here I finished cleaning up the bathroom by stripping the bathroom floor and rewaxing it, then putting in on "lockdown" so the wax can dry without getting little kitty cat pawprints in the fresh wax, lol :)   Tomorrow - the finishing touch, new caulking around the tub and toilet.  All fresh, sparkly and shiny.  For a while anyway :)    Don't I have fun weekends?  Hope yours is going great!  The Badgers won - listened to the game on the radio while I did the floor.  Our teams are doing well this year, altho the Cubbies losing to NY was a disappointment.  As a die hard Cubs fan  - I'm used to it.  "There is always next year!"

Tonight I have another gorgeous piece from Anita to share with you - made using Rustic Autumn - on sale until tomorrow night for 30% off, too!

The above image is linked to its direct download :)  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and come on back, as I have more to share! -Kim


  1. Anita, you have done it once again! Nature's autumn displayed beautifully in this wreath. Kim, you are one busy lady. Thanks for the share.

  2. Thank you! These pieces are wonderful!! =o)

  3. thank you so much Anita! I love your digital kits, they make beautiful cards!

  4. Thank you for this beautiful frame!

  5. Thank you. So beautiful

    Thank you. Sooooooo beautiful


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